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Character Editor 4D: Megapack

by waqas


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Fantasy Heroes / Military Heroes / Undead Heroes

Create amazing human characters for your mobile games with our 4-Directional Character Editor. Create role playing games, arcades, platformers, quests and even strategies!

This package offers a complex solution: Sprites + Icons + Inventory System + Code Examples. The Quick Start scene is included to boost integration to your project!

Assets included:
● Fantasy Heroes: 4-Directional Character Editor (upgrade is available)
● Epic Heroes (Extension, Exclusive for Megapack)
● Goblin Heroes: 4-Directional Character Editor (Exclusive for Megapack)
● Undead Heroes: 4-Directional Character Editor
● Military Heroes: 4-Directional Character Editor (upgrade is available)

● Create and customize human characters
● Change body parts and equipment
● Basic sprite collection
● Full sprite collection
● Create and customize human characters
● Change body parts and equipment
● Change body parts color
● Icons included
● Mix armor parts [NEW]
● Face expressions
● Upper and lower body animation
● Save and load characters as prefabs
● Save and load characters as JSON
● Sprite Sheet & Sequence Capture (use our sprites with other game engines)
● Ultimate performance
● Elegance UI included
● Quick support

Tech specs:
● Unity 2020+
● Clean C# source code with comments
● Mobile friendly
● Compatible with LWRP (refer to FAQ)
● Any platform (PC, Android, iOS, WebGL)

Short FAQ:
● Each 4D character has 4 parts (Front, Back, Left, Right)
● Each part is a set of SpriteRenderer components
● SpriteCollection is a ScriptableObject (you can find it in Resources/), it contains all available sprites
● We use built-in Unity animation (refer to Animation/ folder)
● You can find monsters and backgrounds that will fit Hero Editor (refer to Hippo publisher page)
● We have an active community on Discord, feel free to ask your questions there

Important notices:
● Refer to Asset Store EULA for allowed asset usage (1. Background / 1.3, 2. END-USER’s Rights and Obligations / 2.2, 3. Your Use of the Unity Asset Store / 3.8)
● The asset can’t be used for NFT projects (please contact us for Extended License)
● Some optional animations are present for side view only

Refund policy:
● We don’t accept refund requests as the Asset Store can’t guarantee that asset access will be cancelled and the asset copy will be deleted from user PC. Thanks for understanding.


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