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Breeze – Advanced Character Behaviour

by waqas

– Main Features –

-> Easy Setup Wizard

– Easily create systems with included editor window.

-> Built-in guides for setup

– The system warns you if your setup has any errors and fixes them.

-> Supports multiple weapons

– System can handle multiple weapons at once.

-> Sound Detection

– System can detect sound and react.

-> Supports Root Motion

– It can navigate with root motion animations.

-> Modular Shooter Behaviour

– Create characters with any ranged weapons you like.

-> Modular Melee Behaviour

– Create characters with any close-ranged weapons you like.

-> Custom actions for NPC Behaviour

– Create custom actions, play custom animations to make functional NPCs

-> Switching between weapons

– Manually or Automatically (when out of ammo) between weapons.

-> Melee Weapon Blocking

– Characters automatically play block animations to prevent taking damage.

-> Built-in waypoint system

– Characters can wander through the waypoints user created with the built-in editor.

-> Built-in spawning system

– Characters can spawn around player by texture and height detection.

-> Built-in inverse kinematics system

– With the built-in IK systems, it can accuratly aim and position it’s hand.

-> Supports Ragdoll Death

– You can create ragdoll physics for your character.

-> Detailed Documentation And Tutorials

– With our detailed documentation and tutorials, you can easily use the asset.

-> Animations Creation Wizard

– With the built-in animations wizard, effortlessly configure animations.




– Built-in Integrations –

To use Breeze integrations you need to do NOTHING, they are all ready!

-> Works With A* Pathfinding Pro Seamlessly!

-> Invector Templates (Included)

-> HQ-FPS Weapons (Included)

-> Survival Template Pro (Included)

-> NEO-FPS (Included)

-> Game Kit Controller (In Discord Server)

-> FPS Engine (In Discord Server)

-> Opsive (Soon)

-> Horror FPS Kit (Soon)

-> Breeze Spawner (Included)

-> Supports VR, MOBILE, CONSOLES too. (Included)

download incern

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