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Atmospheric Height Fog (Optimized) – Free Download

by waqas


🌫️ Overview

Simple yet beautiful height fog with directional light and animated noise support. The height fog will provide a volumetric-like effect while using less computation power! Built with the Amplify Shader Editor, all shaders can be modified with ease to meet your needs. Add fog support for any transparent shader using the functions available for Amplify Shader Editor, Shader Graph, or any custom-written shader.

🔥 Highlights

  • Easy to set up
  • Distance-based fog
  • Dual-color fog
  • Height-based fog
  • Directional light fog
  • Fog Axis Selection
  • 3D animated noise support
  • Volume blending support
  • Fog Presets
  • Basic Time Of Day via Day-Night preset Interpolation
  • Zero global keyword usage (2019.1+)
  • ApplyHeightFog for Amplify Editor function, usable to add fog support for transparent shaders made with Amplify Shader Editor
  • ApplyHeightFog for Shader Graph is a function usable to add fog support for transparent shaders made with Unity Shader Graph
  • AtmosphericHeightFog.cginc functions are usable to add fog support for custom transparent shaders
  • UI Default shader with Height Fog support, when the UI is used in World Space Canvas

🕶️ VR Support

  • Forward and Deferred support
  • Perspective and Orthographic support
  • Scene view visibility support
  • A Basic demo scene included

⚠️ Limitations

  • SM2 devices are not supported
  • Only higher-end mobile devices are recommended
  • Only one directional light is supported
  • Point lights and spotlights are not supported
  • This is not a true volumetric fog solution
  • This fog requires depth texture rendering
  • Transparent objects will cause visual artifacts because they don’t write to the depth texture and a manual setup is required to make them work properly
  • HDRP Raytracing and Pathtracing are not supported
  • MSAA can cause some visual artifacts because the depth texture is not using.

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