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Aquarius Fantasy Series: High Elves Free Download

by waqas

This is the third pack in my fantasy series, with the first two being Orcs, and Fae (Woodland Elves). Now bringing forth full High Elven supply!

Featuring, bodies of water like lakes, waterfalls, ponds and streams, all made with shader graph, and requiring the use of shader graph, and plenty of modular parts for vast scene creation! There are plenty of furnishing items, as well as 3 sets of house models, with two having fully walkable interiors, and one staying exterior only for fast city creations! While there can be costly prefab triangle counts for some of the house models, there are 3 – 4 stages of LODs included on all tris heavy prefabs!


Pieces included range from: housing, castles, furniture, waterfalls, lakes, trees, bushes, town props like urns and benches, pillars and steps, potted plants.. there is a great supply of modular pieces to spruce up your towns, cities, or just general scene environments.


Combine this pack with the others in the series, for more variety to different build combinations or prop useage!


Using this with the Fae pack, can allow you to perhaps make some royal gardens in your cities, using its flower beds or mushrooms scattered about.


Need a nice supply of wooden builds or scaffolding? Grab the Orcs pack, and have some wooden piked tents and fences for lower areas of your cities! Or use the Orcs crystal light sources, to add to the current theme of lighting included!

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