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Alien Planet Pack

by waqas


Update 1.1: Reset all prefabs position to 0,0,0 Fixed small import materials issue.

Assets to create your own Alien Planet environments! The assets are optimized for mobile and VR.

Video walkthrough

Web demos:
Dry demo
Ice demo
Gas demo
Lush demo


Includes 4 examples scene to get you started:
_All props, spaceships and terrains assets are using only a single texture/material.
_Include 4 different skyboxes
_6 spaceships designs with movable parts, effects and 3 skins each.
_Alien structures/ruins with 2 set of skins.
_Models range from 40 to 650 triangles.
_Particle effects: Snow fall, dust clouds, rain fall, glow, gas cloud, jets, etc….


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