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Aethereal Planes Battlebacks Vol 2

by waqas


Transport players to places between the layers of space and time with these sixteen new Aethereal Realms from artist Joel Steudler! Use these exotic environs as backgrounds, title screens, or whatever you choose. The twelve foreground elements, sized for RPG Maker MZ/MV/VXA, supply a series of strange stages for your battles. Also includes one bonus musical theme!

16 backgrounds formatted for RPG Maker MZ/MV, RPG Maker VX Ace, and Visual Novel Maker
sizes: 1920×1280 (VNM), 1000×740 (MZ/MV battleback), 816×624 (MZ/MV title screen), 580×444 (VXA battleback), 544×416 (VXA title screen)
16 2500×2500 high-res versions for you to use in any engine or modify in graphics software!
12 foreground layers formatted for RPG Maker MZ/MV and RPG Maker VX Ace
all graphics in .png format
musical theme ‘Liminal Space’ in .ogg and .m4a format
use in any game engine or media projects (commercial or non)


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