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Advanced Sniper Starter Kit

by waqas


Advanced Sniper Starter Kit 4.3
The Realistic Sniper Shooting System, this project come with projectile simulation system with camera effects, such as bullet time and slow motion, you can see a bullet fly through a target in ranged with a special cams, this kit are ready for mobile devices with mobile controller included and able to use with UFPS and compatible Unity 5.

Important: There’s many changes in this version. Please backup your project before update.

New Update!
– Unity 5 Ready
– Wind Effect
– UFPS Support
– Camera collision system
– More accurate with trajectory calculation
– Mobile Touch pad controller
– Able to apply with any shooting system. such as UFPS or others FPS system.
– Action bullet camera presets included.
Clean up and BUG FIXES!

– Camera collision
– Touch pad for mobile devices
– More accurate with trajectory calculation
– Sniper rifle M24 3d Model (.fbx) with animations (shoot, idle, bolt action)
– Realistic long range shooting system
– Action Bullet Camera
– Action Bullet Presets
– Basic Gun System (bolt action / semi auto)
– Multi-Guns suppoted. – Gun sway and movment. – Keep breath
– Configurable zoom with mouse scroll
– Basic FPS controller
– Basic enemy
– Zombie shooting game



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