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A Crash Course in Unity’s Entity Component System

by waqas

Create a First Person Shooter which covers Unity’s ECS, Parallel Processing, and Entity Physics in a Nutshell.

What you’ll learn

A Crash Course in Unity’s Entity Component System

  • Students will gain an overview of Unity’s Entity Component System.
  • Students will learn about the advantages of parallel processing and where to use it in their games.


  • Students should be familiar with Unity.
  • Students should be confident C# programmers.


Unity’s new Data-Oriented Technology Stack (DOTS) and Entity Component System (ECS) programming paradigm have been developed to optimize game development and open up new ways of accessing memory and parallel processing for developing high-performance C# code that takes advantage of contemporary multicore computers. Through the use of the Burst Compiler, your game programs become native code, able to run faster on multiple threads thus pushing the boundaries of the size of your virtual environments and the simultaneous processing of tens of thousands of game objects.

In this free course, Penny zooms through the development of a basic physics-based DOTS First Person Shooter. Using her internationally acclaimed teaching style and knowledge from over 25 years of working with games, and graphics and having written two award-winning books on games AI, Penny will take you from familiar object-oriented programming and upgrade your skill to the more memory-efficient and optimized entity-component architecture. Throughout, you will follow along with hands-on workshops designed to show you the potential of Unity’s ECS programming through the new DOTS-specific math and physics libraries.

This course requires Unity 2019.3.8. and the Hybrid Renderer Package 0.4.1

Learn how to program and work with:

  • Entities and Components
  • The C# Job Systems
  • Collision Systems

What people are saying about Penny’s courses:

  • Dr.Penny is a wonderful person and a true expert. All of the courses I’ve taken have been top notch and in my opinion, there is no better teacher out there.
  • Allow me to say how hugely important this is for a person who is interested in a certain type of game design. Creating games where you can create AI behaviors that support emergent situations.
  • I honestly love Holistic’s teaching approach and I’ve never learned so much within a few hours about coding effectively with such detailed explanations!

Who this course is for:

  • Existing Unity developers would like to know how Unity’s Entity Component System works.

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