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2D Jungle Pack

by waqas
2D Jungle Pack


This package is using Ferr2D Terrain Tool . In order to create terrain you NEED to have Ferr2D! Remaining assets are performing correctly regardless of the editor.
Package DOES NOT include Ferr2D terrain, you must create it on your own. Package contains everything you will need in order to do it. This is only art and textures package. Package does not contain demo scenes.

Package includes around 400 hand-painted textures in high resolution. Perfect choice for creating platform games as well as endless runners.

Package contains:
– 39 bushes
– 30 palms
– 99 floral elements
– 70 mushrooms
– 30 addons (lava, water, clouds, etc.)
– 9 backgrounds
– 12 particle systems



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