Toon RTS Units - Elves


Toon Low-Poly RTS Fantasy Elf Units pack, Ideal for strategy games.

Fully Customizable:
16 Head variants.
6 Body variants.
3 Arm variants.
3 Leg variants.
3 Shoulderpad variants.
11 Weapon variants.
3 Shield variants.
Horse mount
Wood Pile and Goods Bag for Worker Units
Bolt Thrower model

9 color texture skins (one single 2048x2048 texture for all characters)

Mecanim ready and Humanoid Rigged (except cavalry units)

33 ready to use character prefabs
33 ready to use single mesh equipped models

Animation Sets:
Infantry (shield and weapon)
Mage (staff and weapon)
Cavalry (shield and weapon)
Cavalry with Spear/Lance
Cavalry Archer
Cavalry Mage
Bolt Thrower


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