Cartoon Insect Characters


This asset contains six mutant insect characters, cartoon style, resembling the following insects: Mantis, Rhinoceros Beetle, Hornet, Moth, Caterpillar and Ladybug.
They're rigged with Mecanim with humanoid animation type, with root motion, and several animations

Idle + Random Idle anims
Jump (Jump up, fall, land on ground)
3 Attacks
2 Get hit, 1 death and 1 get up animation.
Roll, or dodge.
Turn left and right. Run, run with turn.

Additionally the ladybug, moth and hornet character have: fly, fly forward, air damage, and air attack animations.

Triangle count: 12000 tris

Texture size: 1024x1024 including Color, Normal Map, and Occlusion.

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