Christmas Log Village Pack (Interior / Exterior) - VR/Mobile


Christmas Log Village Pack (Interior / Exterior) - VR/Mobile

This Christmas themed pack contains everything you need to build a wonderful snowy village!

Now updated for Unity 2019.3 (Compatible with all Unity versions, from unity 4)


The pack is optimized for mobile, with only two textures atlas for every props (Exterior & interior), 2 snowy ground textures, 2 house ground textures. The packs contains around 150 prefabsDemo scenes are also included.

Every Model is optimized :
- Houses (800/1500 tris)
- Vegetation (200/1000 tris)
- Props (200/800 tris)

This pack contains :
-6 Log houses & 6 interiors
-Pines trees & Christmas Trees
-Fireplace with FX
-Wood Furnitures
-post process profiles
-And much more ! ...


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